X-ray inspection system air cargo "RAPISCAN EAGLE A1000"

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Air cargo inspection system, approved by the TSA 

Screening palletized cargo and container 

X-ray system with a radiation source 1 MV scan cargo on the conveyor or transport carts 

Rapiscan Eagle A1000 - powerful, providing high throughput screening system of homogeneous and mixed air cargo on pallets or in containers. 

Approved by TSA: included in the list of approved screening technologies Air Cargo. 

The X-ray system 1 MV plant capacity is sufficient for the screening of air cargo pallets and containers. Multiple configurations: scanning cargo can be placed on a conveyor belt or transport trucks transported the towing vehicle. 

Large inspection tunnel: the system is able to scan even the largest cargo containers and pallets. 

Scanning different types of cargo: you can scan homogeneous and mixed cargo.

Rapiscan Eagle A1000 provides high bandwidth, best-in-class imaging, robust standard features and most advanced options -all this makes its most powerful, user-friendly and effective of all existing air cargo inspection systems.

  • Conveyor or transport configuration
  • Large inspection tunnel
  • High capacity
  • X-ray system with a radiation source 1 MV
  • The program Rapiscan Cargo Viewer
  • Small footprint
  • Meets the standards of radiation safety
  • Dual energy separation materials
  • Detection of Radioactive Material
  • Automatic registration identification number
  • Extended operating conditions
  • Diesel generator
  • Offices of inspection
Fields of application
  • Inspection of air cargo
  • Customs and Border Control
  • Protection of defense installations and military forces
  • Subjects with high security
Powerful, providing high system throughput screening air cargo Rapiscan Eagle Serie A.

Inspection systems Air Cargo Rapiscan Eagle Series A - X-ray machines, supplied in configurations that are compatible with systems handling. Shipping containers and pallets are scanned as they move through the plant on a conveyor or truck. The latest features, such as dual-energy material separation and detection of radiation, extend the capabilities of Eagle A1000 to identify hidden prohibited items. 

As X-ray machines Rapiscan Eagle detect illegal and dangerous items, which are not detected by other systems?

Unlike other technologies used in the dual energy Rapiscan Eagle X-rays penetrate through the shielding materials, liquids, dense and densely-packed cargo, providing detection of hidden dangerous and prohibited items on the full X-ray image. 

The unsurpassed quality, comprehensive standard features and flexible options - all this is peculiar to each system inspection of goods and vehicles Rapiscan Eagle. 

Designed in a modular design for a high-quality platform, our products are equipped with the best Eagle-in-class imaging and easy to use operator controls, therefore, each system can be applied in any field - from border crossings and ports to customs checkpoints and military checkpoints . Eagle system can be supplemented by the most sophisticated options such as the separation of materials, recognition of license plates and container codes. If operational needs change, Eagle can be adapted to the new conditions on the spot. These design solutions implemented across the spectrum of inspection systems for cargo and vehicles Rapiscan, including mobile, portal and fixed configuration. Thanks to our commitment to value and innovation, the whole product line Rapiscan Eagle has become the most preferred solution in the field of inspection of cargo and vehicles. 

Rapiscan Systems - the world leader in high-quality inspection systems and modern technology for detection of dangerous objects. Our only goal - security, and we make every effort to develop solutions, customer-oriented, aimed at future needs and cost-effective. 

All the products are provided with support from the World Rapiscan hour technical industrial training and maintenance.


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Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.