INTROSCOPE Smiths Heimann "HI-SCAN 150150-300"

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  • Universal X-ray system for the inspection of large goods
  • Excellent image quality (optimal X-ray geometry)
  • Outstanding image quality with new electronics HiTraX
  • New technology Hi-Mat Plus for improved recognizers materials
  • Typical penetration ability: 60 mm of steel
  • A large variety of applications

INTROSCOPE Smiths Heimann "HI-SCAN 150150-300" specially designed for the requirements of aviation security, customs, courier and postal services, wherever you need high security and total screening.

INTROSCOPE Smiths Heimann "HI-SCAN 150150-300" - compact X-ray inspection system average power (300 kW) with the dimensions of the tunnel 1500 mm (61 ") width and 1500 mm (61") height. This allows you to inspect small containers, air cargo pallets, large luggage, parcels and so forth. 

It is also possible to customize this Installation with generator 140kV (Hi-Scan 150150-140).

Technical data

The maximum size of the inspected object, mm

1540 (W) x 1500 (V)

Unit Dimensions, mm

6900 (W) x 2970 (W) x 2070 (V)


approximately 6,000 kg


Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.