Compact X-ray system "L3 Communications PX5.3"

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Compact X-ray system inspection PX 5.3 is an ideal device for the image forming method of the two energies, high capacity and flexibility.Designed to work in confined spaces, the system PX 5.3 enables operators to quickly and efficiently inspect briefcases, backpacks, packages, parcels and other items of luggage small and medium size.Sophisticated image processing to simplify the procedure for identifying different types of dangerous objects, including weapons, drugs, explosives and other contraband. 

The strong wheels, providing mobility, the system PX 5.3 passes easily in a standard doorway. Universal system PX 5.3 is a reliable and cost-effective solution for any objects that require X-ray inspection systems, such as schools, offices, courts, prisons and ports cruise liners.

  • Identification of dangerous goods
  • Identification of smuggling
  • Checking for compliance with local requirements
  • Verifying the declaration
  • Security for photosensitive materials: ten passes for the film to ISO 1600 / 33DIN
Characteristics of the image:

The highest resolution and clarity imaging 

Technology PX 5.3 is the best in the class of compact X-ray inspection systems. Algorithms for imaging and analysis tools allow the operator to quickly and accurately identify dangerous objects and contraband goods. Patented technology TRI-MAT imaging method allows to distinguish the two energies of organic and inorganic materials and metal objects. 

The easy-to-use user interface provides the necessary means for the operator to create detailed accurate images. With access to the full range of effective tools for image optimization, operators can easily analyze suspicious objects and quickly determine the presence of a real threat. An innovative feature of smooth adjustment of contrast «Slide and see» allows you to select the finest details of objects, regardless of their density. Unique Best Image First® automatically selects and displays the optimal image, at the same time by reducing the number of reoperations for image processing, increased system capacity.

Flexible configuration:

To change a setting, simply change the settings Easy management system and tools used to configure system settings PX 5.3 taking into account the various operational requirements and safety requirements.
  • The conveyor system PX 5.3 can be large or small length, which allows you to install the system in areas with different size
  • The system allows searches in two directions, so it can be installed in areas that require inspection of the input and output, such as prisons and businesses, where a high probability of theft.
Operator Interface:

Adjusted simplicity 

L3 patented user interface gives the operator an easy, flexible and reliable control system and maximizes the use of the information contained in the image of luggage. Ergonomic design helps the operator to quickly learn and use interface, which consists of three buttons control of the conveyor and the touch panel. Using the touch panel, the operator only looks at the monitor screen, which displays icons management. The panel is designed with ergonomics in mind, thereby reducing fatigue and physical stress during prolonged inspection.

Network Solution:

Combining systems into a network of full integration into the network system PX 5.3 simplifies decentralized and remote monitoring, report generation management system that allows you to control operating costs. 

Head with a sufficient level of access can monitor any system or workstation on a local network, it can send or receive images of baggage, to introduce the image of dangerous objects (TIP), to get the configuration settings, reports, statements, diagnostic data, operational parameters. Capabilities of the network common to all systems of L-3 PX second generation surpass the highest demands.

Tools Operator:

Reliability handy system 

PX 5.3 has the flexibility of process parameters and has a number of features that allow operators to obtain the information necessary to retain or delete images using proven tools of image analysis, operators can easily identify organic / inorganic materials, as well as to distinguish objects, identical in appearance, but with a different chemical composition. 

Easy to use tools to increase clarity of images, including the smooth adjustment of contrast, sharpening, and overlay color makes it easy to optimize the image quality and the highest possible detection capability. 

The "Introduction Threat Image» (TIP) provides the on-screen images fictitious dangerous objects after a specified period of time and allows you to ensure that any decision taken by the operator. 

This allows managers to evaluate the effectiveness of inspection, as well as stimulates the vigilance of operators during operation. 

The conveyor can be small or great length, that allows you to place it on the premises of various sizes. The user defined function "Backup Images" allows you to save more than 20,000 images.

Characteristics of
  • Contrast Adjustment
  • Separation of organic / inorganic
  • Technology Transparent Color ™ (transparent image)
  • Best Image First ™ (automatic selection of the best projection)
  • Removal of organic / inorganic
  • Removal of metal objects
  • Pseudocolor image
  • 32-bit color depth of
  • Edge detection
  • 2X - 16X -fold increase or continuous increase up to 64X
  • Negative Image
  • Threat warning
  • Warning of high density
  • Compact size
  • Patented operator interface including a touch panel, allowing the operator without stopping to look at the monitor screen
  • Easily customizable operator interface
  • Multi-language interface
  • Assistant operator (OA)
  • Image Archiving (IA)
  • Ability to link
  • Uninterruptible power supply and surge protector
  • Short conveyor (1228 mm)
  • Color Monitor 17 "
  • The "Introduction of dangerous objects» (TIP)
  • Network server TIP
  • Network administrator workstation
  • Color monitor with a diagonal of 19 "
  • Presence Sensor Operator
  • Roller tables and luggage slopes length of 0.5 m. And 1.0 m.
  • Programmable placard
  • Elongated conveyor 2228 mm
  • External uninterruptible power supply
  • Color Printer
  • Interface for remote operator (5 m., 30 m. And 100 m.)
  • Mobile Kit Mobility Kit special strength: retaining shock-absorbing wheels with a diameter 152.4 mm, mounting points of the system
  • The casing of the input / output conveyor
Dimensions PX5.3



The size of the tunnel:516mm x 330 mm (W x H)
Conveyor height845mm
Power requirements:100-240 V ± 10% 
50/60 Hz ± 1% 1.0 kVA max.
Conveyor speed:0.22 m / s. + 2/8% @ 50 Hz. 
0.26 m / s + 2/8% @ 60 Hz.
Lifting capacity of the conveyor:100 kg

X-ray source

Voltage:150 kV DC tube
Duty cycle:100%
Cooling:Oil bath
Orientation of the beam:Upright
X-ray signal receiver:Photodiode 960 block in L-shaped configuration,

Physical characteristics

Height:1281 mm
Width:732 mm
Length:Short conveyor 1228 mm 
long conveyor: 2228 mm
Weight:400 kg approximate weight of a short conveyor

Climatic conditions

Operating range:+ 0 ° C - + 40 ° C
Storage temperature:-20 ° C - + 50 ° C
Humidity:0 - 95% non-condensing
Noise level:<70 dBA

Imaging and system performance

ResolutionCopper wire 38 AWG - guaranteed copper wire 40 AWG -tipichno
Penetrating power:32 mm.stali
Contrast sensitivity:4096 grayscale tones to step wedge
The monitor screen:Diagonal 17 "  
Option 19 "
Computer processor:Intel Pentium®
Throughput:> 700 pieces of luggage / hour

Radiation safety

All X-ray systems L3 Communications Security & Detection Systems certified to meet all safety requirements and the X-ray emission limits CFR requirements of the United States, Vol 21, Section 1020.40 (Federal Standard 21-CFR 1020.40). Typical leakage radiation is less than 0.1 mR / hr permitted by the Federal US standard of 0.5 mR / h.

Performance Standards
  • Meets the following US federal standards: FAA 14 CFR 108.17 (Using X-ray systems);
  • FAA 14 CFR 108.20 (use of explosives detection systems);
  • FAA 14 CFR 129.26 (Use of X-ray systems);
  • CDRH 21 CFR 1020.40 (Stationary X-ray systems).
  • Meets the requirements of CDRH (FDA), including labeling requirements.
  • Designed in accordance with CE, CSA, UL NRTL / C





Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.