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01 Forensic Equipment

Криминалистическое оборудование

1.1 Equipment for survey the scene

1.1.1 Forensic bags and kits
1.1.2 Fingerprinting equipment
1.1.3 Evidence Search Tools
1.1.4 Means for identifying, recording, traces of withdrawal
1.1.5 Tools Sets 
1.1.6 Related equipment

1.2 Examination system

1.2.1 Means of examination of electronic devices Equity research of mobile phones and smartphones Means of electronic media research
1.2.2 Means of examination of firearms and ammunition
1.2.3 Means of examination of bladed weapons
1.2.4 Means of explosive-examination
1.2.5 Means of handwriting analysis
1.2.6 Means fingerprint examination
1.2.7 Means of transport expertise
1.2.8 Means of examination of sound and video recordings
1.2.9 Document examination tools
1.2.10 Means of examination of other objects

1.5 Detectors jewelry

1.5.2 Detectors of precious metals and alloys

1.6 Forensic Photography and Video

1.6.3 Photo and video kits for forensic