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02. Rescue

Intelligence Tools: radiation, chemical, bacteriological, engineering 

Means of rescue

2.1. Devices of search of victims

2.2. Rescue tools and uniforms

2.3. Auxiliary tools and equipment

2.4. rescue equipment during rescue operations on the high-rise buildings

2.5. Underwater rescue equipment

Transportation vehicles 

3.1 Aerial Vehicles
3.2 Cars and Motorcycles
3.3 Rescue boats

Engineering support tools 

4.1. Robotic tools
4.2. Engineering car to overcome obstacles
4.3. Disassembling machines rubble
4.4. Diggers
4.5. Working hydraulic equipment
4.6. Power tools

Living facilities 

5.1 Prefabricated structures (tents, boxes, modules)

5.2. Air Heaters

5.3. Water supply means 

Individual protection means 

6.1. Respirators
6.2. Self-rescuers and masks
6.3. Protective clothing

Means of communication and notification 

7.1. Radio stations strategic and operational communications

7.2. Cell phones

7.3. Speakerphone Means 

Monitoring and forecasting of emergencies 

Methods of teaching professionals and the public to act in emergency situations