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08. Nuclear and radiation safety

Ensuring nuclear and radiation safety system (NRS)

1.1 . National system for ensuring nuclear and radiation safety in Ukraine;
12. Legal regulation of nuclear and radiation safety;
1.3 Licensing in the field of nuclear and radiation safety.

NRS Ensuring the production of nuclear electricity

2.1. Safe operation of nuclear power plants;
2.2. Nuclear power plants and the environment;
2.3. Management of Radioactive Waste (RAW) and spent nuclear fuel (SNF) at nuclear power plants.

Providing NRS during operation of the nuclear fuel cycle

3.1 Safety in uranium mining and enrichment;
3.2 Security in the production of nuclear fuel;
3.3. Safety when handling the spent fuel storage, processing, recycling;
3.4. Safety when handling waste, storage, processing.

Safety of Transport of Radioactive Material

4.1. Freight packagings, containers
4.2. methods of transport
4.3. System maintenance and security of radioactive cargo.

Equipment and devices to ensure nuclear and radiation safety

5.1. Radiation monitoring devices. Dosimetric, spectrometric, radiometric;
5.2. Special materials;
5.3. Filters.

Rescue service and emergency response

6.1. Emergency Response System;
6.2. Distant and robotic service systems.

Measures for the implementation of the federal target program "Nuclear and Radiation Safety"

7.1. Construction, reconstruction of infrastructure for SNF and radioactive waste;
7.2. The output of nuclear and radiation hazardous objects from the operation and bringing them to a safe state, rehabilitation of territories;
7.3. Improving state control systems and ensuring radiation safety of humans and the environment, the creation and development of the Unified State Automated Radiation Control System.

The physical security of nuclear and radiation hazardous objects

Medicine, increase public safety

9.1 The use of radiation technologies in medicine;
9.2. Equipment for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of occupational diseases;
9.3. Production of radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes;
9.4. Rehabilitation medicine: new equipment and technology, rehabilitation centers.

Systems of education and qualification, skills development