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09. Information Technology

Automated control systems, information systems, and communications systems

1.1 radio
1.2 transceiver equipment
1.3 The radio relay station
1.4 tropospheric station
1.5 space communication station
1.6 equipment, devices, and remote-controlled device cross-connect
1.7 radio hardware
1.8 hardware telephony
1.9 hardware telegraphy
1.10 channeling hardware
1.11 hardware for automated control systems and data transmission
1.12 hardware power
1.13 command staff vehicles
1.14 Equipment fiber optic line distance communication
1.15 automatic telephone exchanges
1.16 machinery and complexes Cellular
1.17 Devices and systems of automatic classification of information
1.18 cryptographic equipment
1.19 posts switches, long-distance and secure communication
1.20 DCE
1.21 channel-forming apparatus with time division multiplexing
1.22 complexes of digital transmission systems
1.23 radio receivers
1.24 telephones to automatically open phone Linkages
1.25 special and field telephones
1.26 Communication and power cables
1.27 Chargers
1.28 chemical power sources
1.29 power
1.30 Devices and systems of control and diagnostics
1.31 technical means of protection
1.32 Automated jamming station
1.33 complexes portable jammers
1.34 integrated automated information systems: video conferencing systems, means of display of collective use of high information capacity of information, ensure the operation of the complex system, Congress - systems, cameras, sensors, hardware and software systems
1.35 PC
1.36 software
1.37 Information and electronic scoreboards
1.38 Equipment of workstations and operational staff headquarters duty control points
1.39 technical systems of protection of military facilities
1.40 Mobile Systems. Internet - services.

Facilities and Information Security Systems

2.1. Protection of information and communication tools for automatic classification:
2.1.1. acoustic information protection devices
2.1.2. Communications cable protection systems
2.1.3. Scrambler means of cryptographic protection of information
2.2. Technical means of finding information leakage channels.
2.3. Information Security:
2.3.1. Protection of computer networks
2.3.2. Protection against unauthorized access, electronic keys, smart cards
2.3.3. Storage and data management
2.3.4. emergency data destruction devices
2.3.5. Detection of computer attacks
2.3.6. Anti-virus software
2.3.7. Secure Internet-technologies
2.3.8. Certification Authorities
2.3.9. Secure electronic document
2.3.10.Mezhsetevye screens
2.3.12.Mehanicheskaya protection of computers
2.4. Printing services (hardware and software systems for medical and biological testing).
2.5. Biometric systems of information protection:
2.5.1. Fingerprint Electronic Systems
2.5.2. Metrological photoelectronic systems
2.5.3. identification systems
2.5.4. Access control systems
2.5.5. Control of access to personal computers and network cards
2.5.6. Equipment and software
2.6. Training, consulting and information security auditing services.