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06. Industrial security

The regulatory framework of state control and supervision, certification, testing, examination of industrial safety equipment

Corrosion protection

Production, storage, transportation of flammable, toxic, highly toxic substances

Machinery and non-destructive testing system

Industrial ecology

Industrial ecology

Test equipment

Special human protection from dangerous and harmful factors, dust control devices and gas, humidity, temperature, radiation and electromagnetic radiation, pollutants, noise, voltage networks

Systems and air-conditioning equipment and air purification, thermoregulation, radiation protection, electromagnetic protection, noise protection facilities

Certification and inspection of workplaces under the terms of safety; hygiene, ergonomics, occupational health services

Hygiene, ergonomics, occupational health services

Working clothes and uniforms, industrial safety instructions, information signs and posters, special literature

High-strength and wear-resistant materials used in corrosive environments, as well as in high-risk areas

OSH management systems of enterprises, training, re-training, certification of personnel

Insurance of industrial risks