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01. Fire safety

Fire-fighting equipment 

1.1. Complexes, systems and devices of security and fire automatics 
1.2. Fire-fighting equipment: fire cabinets and panels, fire hoses, hydrants, nozzles and fire head, fire monitors, fire equipment 
1.3. Fire and explosion-proof equipment 
1.4. Water and foam equipment 
1.5. Special fire-fighting equipment 
1.6. Fire equipment: a tanker fire, emergency and rescue vehicles, fire pump stations, first aid cars, staff cars, cars foam and powder extinguishing, smoke removal systems and combined extinguishing, fire ladders, lighting and communication vehicles 
1.7. Fire aircraft (airplanes, helicopters)
1.8. Machinery and equipment for fire extinguishing gas and oil fountains in cable tunnels, high-rise buildings, underground facilities underground, at the facilities of processing and storage of liquefied petroleum gases in the rolling stock railway transport
1.9. Robotics 

Fire protection and fire-proof materials 

2.1. Fire extinguishers and extinguishing agents
2.2. The fire resistant materials / construction / coating
2.3. protection and safety of firefighters working tools
2.4. Distribution restrictions means (localization) fire
2.5. Smoke extraction systems with evacuation routes in case of fire
2.6. Fire tools and fire-fighters
2.7. Instrumentation level of smoke, temperature, radioactivity, there is no movement

Automated control systems, information systems, and communications systems 

3.1. Complex automated information systems: video conferencing systems, means of display of collective use of high information capacity of information, ensure the operation of the complex system, Congress - systems, cameras, sensors, hardware and software systems
3.2. Radio means, radio relay, tropospheric, space and wireline
3.3. Means of automation and data transmission

Security and fire alarm and warning systems 

4.1. Fire alarm and security (sensors)
4.2. Alarm control panel
4.3. Remote control and display
4.4. Relay and Switching Modules
4.5. Interfaces
4.6. Central station
4.7. Software
4.8. Announcers (light, sound, combined, voice alarm system
4.9. Warning systems and evacuation management (SOUE)
4.10. Radio transmission of notices
4.11. Alarm systems (radioluchevye systems infrared systems, capacitive system, vibrating system, wired radio wave systems, seismic systems)
4.12. Reinforced barbed wire
4.13. Magnetometer system
4.14. Break wires system

Means of evacuation and rescue people from fires 

5.1. Cordage descenders
5.2. Airbags
5.3. Fire hoses
5.4. Mounted rescue stairs
5.5. Suspended platform
5.6. Gas masks and protective hoods
5.7. Medical facilities and equipment to provide emergency assistance to victims

Design, construction, manufacture, certification, operation of equipment and systems, fire prevention and fire fighting 

Regulatory and technical and legal documentation of fire state of objects and controls 

Utilization of finished systems and fire-fighting equipment 

Training, investment projects 

Scientific and technical achievements in the field of fire safety