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10. Environmental Safety

Экологическая Безопасность

Environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring and research

Protection of the atmosphere

2.1. Equipment and technical means of protection of atmospheric air from pollution sources.
2.2. Industrial ventilation and air-conditioning.
2.3. Air cleaning filters.
2.4. Monitoring of air pollution.
2.5. Instrumentation and methods for their use in the verification of the technical condition of vehicles; norms of toxicity and smoke exhaust
2.6. Gas analyzers
2.7. Neutralization
2.8. Equipment and installations for lubricants improve
2.9. Environmentally friendly engines
2.10. Protection of the atmosphere from the industrial activities of industrial enterprises
2.11. Devices and systems for the purification of gas emissions. waste water from contaminants; silencers when you reset the gas into the atmosphere;
2.12. isolators processing equipment; screens to protect against EMI

Protection of the hydrosphere

3.1. Equipment and technologies for waste water treatment, industrial water treatment, water supply and sanitation.
3.2. Design and construction of treatment plants.
3.3. Water supply and sanitation.
3.4. Pipes, pumps, valves.
3.5. Water Filtration.
3.6. Membrane technology.
3.7. Methods and equipment for wastewater treatment
3.8. Equipment for the mechanical purification of waste water
3.9. Chemicals and chemical methods of wastewater
3:10. Methods of wastewater biological method
3.11. Physico-chemical method of wastewater treatment
3.12. Exploration and production of drinking clean water
3.13. Equipment for the purification of drinking water
3.14. Methods for elimination of oil pollution
3.15. Protection of the hydrosphere from operating activities of industrial enterprises
3.17. Protection of the hydrosphere of household, food and urban facilities
3.18. Protection of the hydrosphere on agricultural projects
3.19. Sewage treatment plants are designed for treatment of surface waste water prior to discharge into waterways regulations fishery.
3.20. Hydrological assessment of industrial, agricultural, domestic and urban facilities


4.1. Machinery and equipment for the protection of the environment ecotoxicity, disadvantaged areas and specialized enterprises.
4.2. Devices for measurement.
4.3. Devices for neutralization.

Environmental problems of oil and gas complex

5.1. Machinery and equipment for the elimination of oil pollution, emissions, waste oil products
5.2. Transportation of oil (oil products, waste).
5.3. Oil refining.
5.4. Disposal of oil products.
5.5. Petroleum and petrochemical production.
5.6. Prevention and elimination of the consequences of oil spills and filter systems for industrial gas purification, gas treatment plant, gas cleaning equipment, systems and systems for gas cleaning.

Environmental security in the industry

6.1. Machinery and equipment for the ecological safety of industrial enterprises
6.2. Waste chemical and petrochemical industry
6.3. Recycling solid waste industry
6.4. Cleaning the flue gas thermal power plant
6.5. Cleaning of drains
6.6. Radiological safety
6.7. Purification of gas emissions into the atmosphere
6.8. Specialized ecological protection for the staff of the industrial enterprises: masks, goggles, gloves, special clothes
6.9. Environmental certification of industrial enterprises

Waste Management

7.1. Equipment and technologies for collecting, processing, transportation, recycling, disposal, disposal of waste and consumption.
7.2. Removal and transportation of waste. 6.6.3.Proizvodstvo garbage containers, urns and so on.
7.3. Systems and equipment for waste disposal chutes.
7.4. Manufacturing compactors, presses, grinders and so on.
7.5. Mechanical methods of treatment of liquid waste
7.6. Hydromechanical dewatering of sewage sludge
7.7. Filtration of sewage sludge
7.8. Centrifugal filtration precipitation
7.9. Mechanical treatment of solid waste
7.10 Physical and chemical bases of processing and recycling of waste.
7.11. Chemical Treatment of sewage sludge
7.12. Physico-chemical methods of extraction of components from waste
7.13. Enrichment at the recovery of solid waste
7.14. Thermal methods of waste treatment
7.15. Thermal methods of disposal of mineralized waste
7.16. Thermal methods of conditioning of sewage sludge
7.17. Drying wet materials
7.18. Thermo-chemical treatment of solid wastes
7.19. Technical means for the removal and disposal of household and industrial waste

Innovative research in the field of environmental protection

8.1. The transition to alternative energy sources
8.2. Protection of various facilities from flooding
8.3. Techniques for treating water from crude oil and petroleum products
8.4. Soil protection innovative technologies
8.5. Equipment for environmental monitoring
8.6. Innovative technologies in wastewater treatment
8.7. Innovative technologies in the field of air cleaning
8.8. Innovative technologies in the field of waste management
8.9. Innovative technologies in the security industry.

Monitoring and restoration of the environment

9.1. Restoration of the effects of floods
9.2. Control and measuring instruments for measuring environmental parameters
9.3. Geological survey areas and disaster emergencies
9.4. environmental monitoring and disaster prevention systems
9.5. Monitoring of seismic hazard areas
9.6. Techniques for assessment of geo-environmental risk areas
9.7. Valuation techniques and forecasts of social and environmental consequences of natural and man-made disasters
9.8. Methods and means of monitoring the state of the natural and territorial production systems
9.9. exhaust gas analyzers gasoline and diesel engines
9.10. Gas analyzers of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, and others.
9.11. Signaling hazardous concentrations of flammable gases, vapors and their mixtures
9.12. Devices for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the environment for the maintenance of the Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation
9.13. Devices for control of airborne contaminants and heat, the vertical profile of temperature, wind speed and direction for nuclear and thermal power stations and enterprises with harmful emissions into the atmosphere
9.14. Meteoservis ports, waters and air. Gauges and weather conditions forecast
9.15. Apparatus and instruments for high-precision aerial surveys
9.16. geo-environmental monitoring technology area
9.17. The chromatographic and spectral lab to determine pesticides
9.18. Dosimetric and radiometric instruments
9.19. Mobile laboratories for monitoring the state of the environment
9.20. The system of seismic observations and earthquake prediction
9.21. Ecology Energy
9.22. windmills
9.23. biopower installations
9.24. Installations for flue gas cleaning
9.25. Environmental safety of road transport
9.26. Antitoxic engine control system, the catalysts
9.27. Modern eco-friendly modes of transport
9.28. Environmentally friendly fuels
9.29. Ecology urban and housing and communal services