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05. Security and defense

Means of active defense

1.1 . Small firearms

12. Ammunition

Means of personal body armor, outfits

2.1. Personal body armor

2.2. Uniforms for power structures

2.3. Safety equipment

Military equipment

3.1. Tanks and vehicles.

3.2. Weapons and equipment of naval forces

3.3. Technical equipment and personal protective equipment

3.4. Engineering facilities and equipment.

3.5. Aviation:

3.5.1. Aircraft

3.5.2. Helicopters

3.5.3. Airborne vehicles

3.5.4. Technical means of aerial reconnaissance, data processing systems

3.5.5. Parachutes

3.5.6. Means of landing arms, vehicles, cargoes

3.6. Small ground equipment, simulators

Technical tools for conducting operations

4.1. Technical means for visual observation and recording
4.2. Technical means for the secret interception and recording of voice messages
4.3. Systems to improve voice intelligibility
4.4. Means of detecting explosive devices and their utilization
4.5. forensic equipment
4.6. Systems and methods for individual monitoring
4.7. Means of detection of radioactive materials
4.8. drug Detectors
4.9. Detectors voids
4.10. Means of determining the amount of inaccessible objects
4.11. Gun and metal detectors
4.12. optical devices Detection Systems
4.13. Special Optics, a system for the purpose and indication
4.14. Robotic systems and complexes
4.15. Signaling and alarm equipment
4.16. Equipment for operational and investigative work

Customs and inspection equipment

5.1. Metal detectors
5.2. Torches spotlights
5.3. videoscope
5.4. Technical endoscopes
5.5. Customs and Inspection mirror
5.6. TV and X-ray systems
5.7. Determinants of vapors of explosive substances
5.8. drug Detectors
5.9. Night-vision devices
5.10. Dosimeters
5.11. Thermal
5.12. Infrared vision systems

Criminalistics equipment

6.1. Authentication System Identification documents and banknotes detectors
6.2. Equipment for crime scene investigation and evidence gathering
6.3. Technical equipment for laboratory research
6.4. Computerized systems for forensic investigations
6.5. Fingerprint identification systems
6.6. Criminalistics phonology, polygraphs
6.7. Analytical equipment
6.8. Chemical reagents

Technical intelligence countermeasures

Technical tools for conducting operations

Special vehicles

9.1. Vehicles for law enforcement and collector car

9.2. Armoured vehicles business class

9.3. Patrol boats

9.4. forensic laboratory

9.5. Car warning lights and sirens

Systems of road safety

10.1. Technical equipment for control and traffic control

10.2. Navigational and geodetic systems and equipment

10.3. Systems for monitoring and control of vehicles

10.4. Road signs