About us

Ukrainian Association UASM.ORG Security Market - 

    a non-profit organization created as a tool to concentrate efforts of partners and participants, aimed at the development of Ukraine's Security Market

Ukrainian association of leading companies UASM.ORG Security Market - the largest industry organization that comprehensively promotes its partners, experts, and the whole field of security in general. We encourage union leaders of the various segments of the security industry, for joint problem solving:

  • Advocate legislator and guardian of professional ethics in the Ukrainian security market
  • Structuring the professional community and the development of external and internal communications professional
  • Systematization of information on the safety of the operator market, products, solutions and security projects
  • Assist States in the implementation of the National Security Concept of Ukraine
  • Preparing and carrying out scientific and marketing research different areas of safety and security services market in Ukraine and abroad
  • Formation of the effective domestic, international relations and interaction between professionals Security Market (people, organizations, state)
  • Coordinate the business activities of the Association, in order to achieve their goals - as a result, effectively develop the Security Market
  • To represent and protect the common interests of the Association members, a willingness to act as an arbitrator in contentious situations


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